As we’re sure you know restoration and custom
work takes a great deal of attention to detail and is a specialized process
that very few companies even attempt these days. We take this work very
seriously and we are a no nonsense company that is had some issues in the past
so we feel it is best to deal with these policies up front and want them to be
brought to everyone’s attention.                       

Please don’t feel this is all
about you it is just how we run our shop and protect ourselves and our customers.

try to keep all phone calls between business hours Monday through Friday 8:00
am to 6:30 pm, Saturdays 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, 
Eastern standard Time. We prefer all calls be made to the business phone
at 585-786-0808. If for some reason you are unable to call between these hours
and feel you need to use my cell phone number, please limit these calls to
emergencies unless other agreements have been made. Use of my personal cell
phone has been abused in the past and abuse will be charged to the customer. My
cell phone is to be used for emergency situations only after business hours.

ESTIMATES 1 If we give you an
estimate it is just that “an estimate” which means, according to the American
Heritage Dictionary
, ” 1. The Act of Evaluating or Appraising. 2. A
Tentative Evaluation or Rough Calculation, as of worth, quantity, or size. 3. A Statement of the Approximate Cost of
Work to be Done, such as a Building Project or Car Repairs
. 4. A
Judgment Based on one’s impressions; an opinion. Please don’t assume something
is included if not in the original estimate especially something added later.
You will be billed the shop rate of $95.00 per hour this is actual time worked
on the project and by the actual clock hours and not priced in advance. This
has been a huge problem and will not be tolerated anymore restorations and
custom work are a very difficult job to estimate and often lead to more work
than what can be seen from the surface.

2. Our shop rate is $95.00 per
clock hours actual time worked on your project. Here is a brief breakdown to
give you an example of how fast hours of work can accumulate.     1 Hour with/ 2 Techs = $190.00                        1 Hour with/ 3 Techs =

Day (8 Hrs) 1 Tech = $760.00                  
     1 Day (8 Hrs) 2 Techs = $1520.00

Day (8 Hrs) 3 Techs = $2280.00                
     1 Week (40 Hrs) 1 Tech =$3800.00   

Week (40 Hrs) 2 Techs = $7600.00                
  1 Week (40 Hrs) 3 Techs = $11400.00

offer a 10% discount (for those that keep a positive balance), off the $95.00
per hour labor rate this will allow you to have your work done for $85.50 per
hour for just being prompt with your payments.

changes to a job or additional work added will be subject to additional charges
we don’t have a problem with additions as long its understood that they will be
at an additional charge. Please understand and don’t be surprised if you ask
for something extra to be done and it gets done and keep in mind if it is
requested of us we can only assume it will be paid for it and is what you
wanted. Absolutely no exceptions please be sure what you ask of us to do is
what you want and can afford
. Again if you ask us to do something be
prepared to pay for it.

2. Pick up and deliveries are
available and we pride ourselves on being able to offer these services and have
made a big investment to be able to do so. Please remember we can not do this
for free, we will pick up cars, ship parts, whatever it takes to get the job
done but you will be charged time, fuel and or shipping costs.

3. Old parts are the sole
responsibility of the owner. Please do not leave unwanted parts around or they
may get thrown out. We will list items for sale if you would like but fees do apply.

shop space or shop equipment will be loaned out please don’t ask to use the
shop, trailers, tools or equipment I hate to have to say no and have this
hinder the outcome. All this has been done in the past and has put me in a bad position
in the past other parties and left me with damaged, broken or missing items and
having to deal with these damages out of my own time and pocket.

2. Staying after hours to meet
with customers by appointment is fine but unannounced visits has done nothing
but come between me and my family. So if this is the case and it’s not set up
by us you will be charged per hour for it. No longer will I spend hours
discussing ones car while my son or wife waits for me.

3. All cars are required be insured
by their owner if not insured by owner we will not be responsible for vehicle
or parts related to vehicle. We can provide you the information and resources
to get insurance for your project and encourage everyone to be protected.

PAYMENT 1 As you can see from the
chart above the labor to hour breakdown, monies owed can accumulate very
quickly. It is important for both the customer and Eddy’s Collision & More
to stay on top of the monies at all times or we can not be productive. This is
a business that needs its employees and needs the building we work in we can’t
support those needs without the funding coming in on time. We offer a 10% discount
for those that pay their invoices and for those that keep a positive balance, therefore
the $95.00 per hour labor rate will reduce allowing you to have your work done
for $85.50 per hour for just being prompt with your payments.

2. Payment must be made within 7
days of receiving invoice. Failure to do so can void all offers, discounts and
warranties plus completion time promises. Communication is key if there arises
a problem and payments can’t be made. We understand that things happen and
funds need to be redirected and sometimes the projects need to be put on hold.
We don’t have a problem with pacing things but we have to know when things get

3. Any invoice left unpaid for 15
or more days will have a 10% late charge may be added.

4. Any invoice left unpaid for 30
or more days is subject to 25% late charge and all discounts may become void
and full labor rates may applied.

5. Storage will be charged to
anyone with a past due invoice subject to as low as $95.00 per month and up to
$25.00 per day.

6. If unused parts are left on
site there will a container charge minimum of $95.00 per
month for storage.

7. If a customer has a negative
balance including security deposit for more than 10 days you may be charged for
storage. A minimum amount of $120.00 per month and up to $25.00 per day.

8. Anytime you have a prolonged
negative balance the project will not be covered under any warranty or shop
insurance and moved to storage. You may not be eligible for discounts and all
offers may become null in void.

9. Absolutely no work will be done on any project with a negative

10. If customer shows signs of
being past due on a regular basis, a larger deposit may be required. A positive
balance of $1,000.00 will then have to be maintained at all times or else all
work will stop on project.

11. All jobs require a minimum
deposit this is negotiable and based on the size of the job most times a
minimum of $2500 is sufficient. Which by NYS Law sales tax will be immediately
taken out of that deposit and all other payments as they come in and can not
wait till the completion sorry.

12.Sorry there can be no cash
deals everything is taxable and will be taxed in accordance to NYS law we pride
ourselves on clarity and accountability we document everything to protect our
customers and their investments and this makes it impossible to hide cash,
again sorry we only want to be fair.

TIME SCHEDULE 1 If a customer
chooses to supply parts we have no problem with helping them locate them and
guide them in the right direction but our time will have to be compensated for,
we will not be held accountable for time lost waiting for parts. If any vendor
back orders parts we can not be held accountable for time deadlines not held up

2. Any attempts to sue for
incompletion of car or any other reason with an overdue balance, lack of
customer supplied parts will result in an immediate Judgment put on the owner
of the vehicle for past due balance and storage fees. Owner will also pay all
of Eddy’s Collision & More / Edward R Barnes’s expenses, court costs
related to Eddy’s Collision & Mores defense and also any and all past due
balances and storage fees. Any form libel, defamation of character or slander
will not be tolerated, any negative remarks on the internet and or any other form
of media may result in legal action and immediate judgment for all damages
determine by Eddy’s Collision & More legal action will also be taken.

Please remember restoration’s and
custom projects can take several months and even years to complete. Often times
I will come in on the weekends or stay late into the evening after business
hours are long over to work on a project without the disturbances. We are not
open after 6:30 pm Monday thru Friday and after 2:00 pm on Saturday closed
Sundays. If I am here I may not want to be bothered this is my time. If I am
working on someone’s car it’s my choice and still may not want to be bothered.  Please give me this courtesy, it may be your
car I am trying to work on to meet your deadline.

In conclusion we regret having to
go into such detail but we feel it’s imperative everyone understands the terms
of operation here at Eddy’s Collision & More. We look forward to a great
working relationship and top shelf quality results with your project and most
importantly a happy customer.

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