The New Shop

The new shop is located at 5700 rt 20a Warsaw New York 14569 and is almost compete, we are excited to get back to working on cars this first week in November. There are still a few things to finish up but we feel we can do them over the winter months, we will be up and running wile we finish up the last little bits. We started moving from our old location in April 2009 and spent countless hours building a great new shop that we feel is better located and equipped to serve all of Western New York and the north east coast. We basically started with an empty airplane hanger removed the huge door, built a wall in its place, installed all new plumbing, wiring, lighting and heat. We have and are finishing the inside in pine and white tin, giving the shop a warm yet professional look. We hope you take a few minutes to look at the pictures we posted in the new shop tab and see how great the place looks so far and that we take pride in everything we do. We feel we have made a great change and hope all our customers enjoy the new location as much as we do, if you would like to stop by and check it out let me know at . 

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