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 Welcome to Larry’s cobra build, we will be updating this as we continue this build. You will be able to see the car come to life over the next few months. I encourage you to check in form time to time for new photos. We hope that you enjoy seeing how we build and the attention to detail we put into every car we build. We will try and show this Cobra from start to finish we are also going to add the hours spent to achieve the goals of our customers we hope it helps answer any questions you may have about how its done and what it take to make a real exceptional car. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask we will be more than willing to help and post photos you may be looking for.

 As of my last photo update we have done all the body work to the engine compartment, under side of hood and trunk, addressed all the week points in the body (that we are concerned about) with reinforcements, modified a few things for a better fit and finish and applied the first few coats of primer. We only have to fit the doors, cut the role bar holes, bumper holes, side pipe cut cut outs and the brake master cly pocket to work out and we will be ready for final block and paint. The body needs to be mounted back on the frame for this work to be done right. A few have wondered about the time it takes to get this done and I will try and update that as I update photos, as of Feb 10 and the first prime photos the hours have added up to 92.10 this looks to be coming in below average for a Cobra that was started as a painter body, not a finished gel coat body from the manufacture. Please keep the questions coming and I look forward to posting more details as progress is made.



 A few more modifications and unfortunately a few more set backs. We found that the doors were just not fitting right and would be an eyesore and a potential for paint ware, so the work had to be done. We made some serious modifications to the doors for better fit as you can see from the photos and also modified the driver side wheel wheel to make room for the brake master cylinder. The good news is we have a real close relationship with the manufacture of this kit and they have agreed to make new molds from the doors and fender that we modified. One of the reasons we like working with them is they are always willing to improve the product they sell.  
















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